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What is your Current Address?

Kunstenbanken, Hammar, Norway September 2005

A site specific interactive installation, video and a performance. On entering the space a Welcome Home sign in Norwegian is misspelled. There are party decorations on the wall and on the floor. Ashery dressed as a Norwegian postman was writing names of Palestinian villages that had ‘disappeared’ during 1947-9 and replacing them with the names of Israeli villages that have been built on top. Visitors were invited to take part in a number of interactions;

Returning interaction-drawing their teenage bedroom blindfolded, hang out on the mattresses, eat watermelon and play backgammon. The video ‘Oh Jerusalem’ was projected . This piece ended up looking at issues of immigration within Norway, as some art students who attended and draw their teenage bedrooms just emigrated from Kabul to Oslo and talked about the cultural differences in their current and past living situation. At the end of the event the space looked like an ‘after party’ mess, with party decoration everywhere, bits of food and drink, and notes all over the walls.