Its been a long time

It's been a long time

2004 site specific video installation at Apex travel agent, Dublin, part of Project Art Centre project– No Respect. No Respect was curated by Allan Phelan and Jane Speller.

Ashery read an article in a local Dublin newspaper about Mary Toomey, an international clematis expert, who spoke about her daughter leaving Dublin due to racism. Dr Toomey herself emigrated to Dublin from Sri Lanka in the 1960s and had never experienced racism until recent years. Ashery made contact with Dr Toomey and asked her to write a letter to her absent daughter, during the meeting Toomey said that she does not go to the city centre any longer due to new racism fed by recent waves of immigration to Ireland. The installation included a video of the dart journey from Tommy’s house to the city centre played in reveres, a clematis flower and the 3-page letter that Dr Toomey wrote to her dougther following Ashery’s request. The installation was based at Apex travel agency in Dublin city centre. Currently Dr Toomey had become one of the spokespersons against new racism in Ireland.