On Demand

On Demand

A Re-enactment of a Welcome Home Party for One, Aug- sep 2005. On –Demand was a group show curated by the Centre of Attention with Oreet Ashery, The Guerrilla Girls, Ben Morieson, Eileen Perrier and Markus Vater.

On Demand invited people to call the Centre of Attention and request the art work of their choice to their houses or place of work.
For Ashery’s piece A Re-enactment of a Welcome Home Party for One the curators brought a Welcome Home sign, refreshments and a script to be read by participants and curators. The script indicated the disapearance and return of the participant following the bombs in London 7/7/05. The participant improvise the fictional return to this modest welcome home party in their own house.

On Demand Frieze Review (PDF)