Some Things Have Changed, Some Remained the Same

Some Things Have Changed, Some Remained the Same

Sep – Dec 2005 Herzeliya Museum, Israel,

Part of the group show Biography/Autobiography curated by Joshua Simon and Dalia Levin.

In the Museum a small space was made into a bedroom, with a carpet, table and chair, a computer, drawings and a ‘Welcome Home’ wall sign made of crepe streamers. A 20 minutes video titled ‘Why Do you think I left?’ was playing in a loop. In the video Ashery had asked each member of her family why do they think she left Israel when she was 19, the replies reflect an intergenerational perspectives and projections into Oreet’s absence and the changing character of Israel. The video talks about the feelings of those who have not left and their perceptions of the one who did. Every Saturday the live interaction Returning has taking place through a 2-way live web casting. Oreet was conducting the interaction from her old teenage bedroom in her parents flat in Jerusalem.