Territories of belongings

Territories of belongings was performed in Tou Scene art centre, Stavanger, Norway, November 2006. This time members of the audience where given envelopes with Norwegians words written on them: café, library, market, shop, village square etc. people where then shredding those envelopes to the sounds of the naming of lost Palestinian villages. Two people refused to shred the envelopes; later on they explained that it is against their pacifist believes.

The interaction Returning ( see projects) took place during the memorial service performance.

At the end of the first part, a chair game was performed with audience members volunteering to wear different face costumes; Arab kafia, an orthodox Jewish hat and facial hair, Rabbit mask, black man mask and an alien mask.

A video with Ashery as all the different characters playing the chair game on her own was projected in the background.